Trying: Peet’s Coffee’s Sumatra Batak Peaberry

Happy Sumatra March! This month we’ll be focusing on all things related to the largest island that is 100% Indonesian. Stay tuned because we’ll have coffee reviews, history and culture all packed within the coming weeks.


To start things off, we have a review of another one of Peet’s Limited Releases: Sumatra Batak Peaberry. This is our second year tasting this online exclusive. It was hands-down our favorite coffee of 2017 and 2018’s batch delivered just as much delicious flavor. We found ourselves pouring cup after cup of this springtime favorite.

Coffee: Sumatra Batak Peaberry
Brand: Peet’s Coffee
Roast: Dark
Processing method: Wet-hulled
Growing region: Batak region, Sumatra, Indonesia (single origin)
Altitude: 1750 – 2300 meters
Price: $19.95/lb.


What makes peaberries so special? Normally, a coffee cherry contains two beans nestled against each other like twins in the womb. Peaberries are a genetic anomaly where each cherry contains only one bean. This bean receives all the nutrients and is widely considered to have a more concentrated flavor. This anomaly occurs in only 5% of all coffee crops. In Sumatra Batak Peaberry, you can pick up those concentrated flavors which intensify the herbal notes as well as the molten sweetness.


When you drink Sumatra Batak Peaberry, you are signing up for big flavor. Right away, you’ll notice crisped caramel flavors and rich herbal notes. We picked up some of the lemongrass and sage notes touted by Peet’s, as well as some of dark chocolate notes thanks to the deep roast. Sumatra Batak Peaberry also offers some sweet tobacco flavors which one of our colleagues did not enjoy. But that doesn’t mean this coffee is just for smokers. Indeed only a nonsmoker’s palate would pick up on all the subtleties that these fine beans offer. This coffee is full-bodied and balanced, holding up well to cream. You’ll pick up some crisp vegetal notes, a dash of wood and a whole lot of brown sugar.

Sumatra has a secret to its delicious coffee. In the Batak region of Sumatra, farmers wet-hull their coffee when separating the beans from the cherries. This imparts some distinct berry flavors and allows the coffee to dry quicker, which is necessary given the constant dampness in the region.

Sumatra Batak Peaberry is available for a limited time. There’s only one more roasting on March 7 so get your order in by March 6. You don’t want to miss these special beans!

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